OSINT routines

Fetch Version routine/osint_fetch_version.php

Perform a version check with a randomly choosen url in the user filled url table.

Changes routine/osint_changes.php

Execute a comparison algorithm between two saved version of a document stored.

Title routine/osint_title.php

Extract title from html content.

Tag count routine/osint_tagcount.php

Precalculate the number of urls linked for all tags stored in the osint_tags

Table Rotation routine/osint_table_rotation.php

Rotate the web content present into the main version content by renaming the sql table.

DNINT routines

Semantic Analysis routine/dnint_url_semantic.php

Apply semantic analysis against html parsed content.

Oubound* routine/dnint_oubound.php

Get the outbound links on an html version.

NS Check routine/dnint_ns_check.php

Perform an NS check on a saved url.

Google PR routine/dnint_google_pr.php

Fetch the google pr for a specified url.

FININT routines

Currency routine/finint_currency.php