If you do not load the web administration panel, you will need two things to enable basic features of AIFS : a keyword dictionary and an url list.

Keyword dictionary

If you wish to enable semantic indexing, you need to load a dictionary. We provide the English-French words list in the aifs-extends repository. Load it on a freshly installed aifs-base-1.02.sql schema using this command :

# git clone

# tar -xvzf ./aifs-extends/data/osint_keyword_EN_FR_102.sql.tar.gz

# mysql -u root -p aifs < ./aifs-extends/data/osint_keyword_EN_FR_102.sql

URL list

If you do not use the web administration panel to provide urls, you will need to fill the osint_url manually.

mysql> insert into osint_url set url='';